Monday, November 24, 2008

Needing Help At Sabine Homestead

Hi , my name is mike and Im building a Homestead in the East Texas Piney Woods " Sabine National Forest " to supply Localy Grown vegys , fruits , barrys , eggs and one day , dairy produces . Im Working to set it up as a CSA " Community Supported Agriculture " project . This will allow people to see where there food cames from and have a chance to reconnect with the land and how food is grown . I have got the land and have payed it off , not an ezy job , but done . There are 2 dozen Chickens now producing eggs , a garden , Dairy Goats and a team of holsten Calf's that I am training as Oxen to work the farming part of this Homestead . I need Help Setting up and orgenizing this project , I can do all kinds of work and have learned about homesteading over the last 40 years , But have problems reading and writing and have no idea how to set up a web site or a Non-profit Ecovillage . If there are people out there with a dream like this and can help , please write me back there are many opertunitys here ,,,, mike
red-_wolfAtjunoDotCom Thanks